Welcome to Aquaponics Innovations, the home of Aquaponics in Africa.

Aquaponics is a rapidly growing industry that offers strong advantages over both traditional aquaculture and hydroponics, and is especially well suited to small scale home gardeners wishing to produce high quality food for their kitchen. The product quality is fantastic and the production achieved is higher than for soil farming or even for hydroponics.

As aquaponics can produce high quality products in quantities exceeding the levels attained in hydroponics, commercial aquaponics has very real and exciting commercial potential.  Due to the lack of commercial aquaponics examples in Southern Africa we erected a 30x10m system at our Aquaculture Academy in Grahamstown, to serve as a shop window to display the technology, to test and refine innovations, and on which to train new entrants into the industry.

At Aquaponics Innovations we strive to be the leader and preferred supplier of aquaponics equipment and knowledge to the Industry throughout Southern Africa. Thus far we have designed and supported clients from patio-scale hobbyists to commercial operations, both outdoors, in tunnels and in the attic of an office block.

We have just released our DVD set entitled Aquaponics in Africa.  Please email us for further details.

If you have any questions or requirements relating to aquaponics please feel free to contact us .

Aquaponics – where veggies taste as they did when you were a child.