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The farming of fish or other aquatic creatures and plant crops in the same system in Southern Africa!

There is currently a worldwide search for an ethically responsible agricultural method that will end world hunger by producing a sustainable food supply of excellent nutritional value, without harming the environment and without eroding the fundamental requirement of profitability. Aquaponics is the answer to this quest!

We at Aquaponics Innovations erected our first commercial aquaponics production facility in 2012 to test and better understand the infrastructure options, refine the techniques used, perfect this simple-yet-effective technology and educate ourselves on this environmentally responsible way of farming.

Over the past years our experience has shown us how resilient aquaponics is, enabling thriving and profitable food production together with morally sound principles.  Farming aquaponically means by implication that no pesticides are used in the crop production (using poisons in an aquaponics system could kill the fish!) so consumers have peace of mind that their food is wholesome and safe to eat.  In addition aquaponics is a drought-resistant farming method that saves water which is vitally important in the dry cycle that much of the world is currently dealing with (aquaponics crops are grown in re-circulating systems). The crop quality (measured by both taste and nutritional value) produced by aquaponics is simply unsurpassed. Furthermore, farmworker wellness is unparalleled – the beds are ergonomically designed and the environment is a peaceful and aesthetically appealing space in which to work.

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self study aquaponics training

Many of you asked for our study material in a format that will enable you to do self-study at home, avoiding the need, risk and expense associated with travelling to attend a physical training course.  This would also enable you to get the information without having to take time off work.

I am delighted to announce that the first modules have been uploaded and can be viewed on the online shop under the Online Courses heading.  We are making new Courses which will be uploaded shortly as well.
Enjoy, and remember you can always call or drop me an email if you need additional information or if you have a specific question.

In the early days of our business we noted that much of the interest was for hobby aquaponics systems, but the industry matured rapidly to the point where several successful commercial facilities have been installed across Southern Africa. 

Aquaponics Innovations is now the trusted name for aquaponics in Southern Africa, from hobbyists through community organizations to industrial (large-scale) systems. Healthy food produced close to the source of consumers with good return-on-investment – this is an excellent outcome!

As the industry grows so does the need for coordination and quality-control, and to this end the Aquaponics Association of Southern Africa was launched in 2016 to optimise the development of this new industry.  Leslie Ter Morshuizen, the then CEO of Aquaculture Innovations, was the founding chairman of the AASA and as such his opinion of the Southern African industry is well-respected.  Neale Strauch, who is the current owner of Aquaculture Innovations and Aquaponics Innovations, succeeded Leslie as the Chair of the Association in 2019.

At Aquaponics Innovations we seek to provide a comprehensive service to new comers to the Industry, as well as to established producers.  We therefore provide Training Courses and a range of equipment to the sector.  If you need any assistance or products feel free to give us a call.


We promote the growth of Aquaculture across Africa through our sister company Aquaculture Innovations. Aquaculture answers the need to produce large quantities of fish in a sustainable manner to replace the dwindling wild stocks. Different infrastructure options are utilised across the continent depending on the species of fish being produced and the local climate, and Aquaculture Innovations is positioned to assist you from concept design through construction to training and commercialisation.


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