Aquaponics System Designs & Installations

Aquaculture Innovations looks forward to hearing from you! We consult to individuals, families, businesses (including mining houses, restaurants, governments and community organizations), marrying an appropriate Aquaponics System to your needs.

We write technical and feasibility reports and design the best system given the clients’ climate, site, water, power source(s), crops, marketing opportunities and budget, with the focus of our design being profitability for the investor with a light environmental footprint.  Timelines, drawings, bio-security and value-add ideas are all covered in the comprehensive and confidential reports.

In addition, we will construct and install systems as required, ensuring that the farms are installed as designed.  The designs include current technology and equipment applied in an ergonomically ideal manner to produce maximum quantities of high-quality crops from the given space.


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aquaponics farming technology design installation001
aquaponics farming technology design installation002
aquaponics farming technology design installation003
aquaponics farming technology design installation004
aquaponics farming technology design installation005
aquaponics farming technology design installation006

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