Circle of Plenty™

The Challenge

Global problems in the 21st century include:

  • Urban migration
  • High unemployment
  • Pollution of water sources
  • Decreasing per capita freshwater
  • Food security for the poor & marginalised
  • Food quality compromised by chemical pesticides

THe Solution

Aquaponics addresses these problems by:

  • Providing employment in rural areas
  • Aiding food security
  • Producing fish and plants that are free of pesticides
  • Being water smart & not polluting any water sources
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mid sized aquaponics system south africa006
mid sized aquaponics system south africa007
mid sized aquaponics system south africa008


Mid-sized Aquaponics system

Circle of Plenty™ (CoP™) is a branded mid-sized Aquaponics system that is scaled to derive optimal efficiency from a small patch of land, minimal water and negligible electricity.


CoP™ is a complete system comprising the following components:

  • 12 growbeds
  • 2 fish tanks
  • 2 filter tanks
  • Pumping
  • Aeration


The total footprint is 12 x 12m = 144m2
CoP™ runs on 685W and needs only 0.5m3 of water per week to operate.

mid sized aquaponics system south africa003
mid sized aquaponics system south africa004
mid sized aquaponics system south africa002

CoP™ is ideal for villages, schools, prisons and other communities who wish to produce their own, high quality food from a limited environmental footprint.



  • Education in schools across a wide range of subjects
  • Skills development & good behaviour reward in prisons
  • Sustainable self-feeding scheme for communities

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