Aquaponics Training Courses

Aquaculture Innovations ( offers Aquaponics Seminars & Training Courses at two sites.  The Aquaculture Academy, Grahamstown, South Africa established a commercial aquaponics system in 2012 and La Pieus Farm (, Pretoria, has been operating their aquaponics system since 2014.  Over many years of practical commercial aquaponics farming as well as testing and trialing new innovations we have a sound idea of what really works and what does not, and we look forward to sharing our achievements as well as our disappointments with you to help you become the best aquaponics farmer you can be! 

Course attendees receive a detailed Aquaponics Course Manual which provides comprehensive theoretical information on starting and running your own aquaponics system.  Time in-between the lectures is spent in the tunnels seeing the theory operating in practice.

The Aquaponics Courses are enthusiastically presented by Leslie Ter Morshuizen, an ichthyologist with a passion for sharing his knowledge on sustainable, responsible, farming and collaborating in his search for an ethical solution to end world hunger whilst generating healthy profits.  Course attendees are challenged to verbalize their needs, set their goals and assess their habits/mindsets in order to focus their awareness and determination on succeeding at their aquaponics venture.

Past Courses have been well attended by delegates from Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Chad, Senegal, Singapore, Taiwan, Ireland, England, Belgium, Sweden, USA and South Africa, and the rapport and liaisons that we build during courses benefits the industry as a whole.

Course eBrochure

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The dates for the next Courses are:

Aquaculture Academy, Grahamstown, South Africa TBC
La Pieus Aqua Farm, Pretoria, South Africa 23 & 24 July 2018

For those not able to attend courses in either Grahamstown or Pretoria we have a distance learning option whereby you can purchase the Course Manual and lectures for self-study.

Aquaponics Internships

Over the years we have hosted several Aquaponics Internships.  You need to pay for your living expenses and earn training in exchange for your time.  If you are interested please send us an email with your resume.

To reserve a seat on the next Course please complete a registration form and email it to us. 


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